Blatant Disregard

When the government says you are to stop operating, most business comply. Not Koch Carbon however, who has been ticketed by Environmental Affairs in the City of Detroit for openly storing petroleum coke since November 2012. It seems there weren’t enough accumulations at that time, but the black behemoth mounds quickly grew in size as winter weather broke and the freighters of the Great Lakes increased activity to the Port of Detroit. Members of DCATS (Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands) saw the situation growing in March and took action in April. State Representative Rashida Tlaib came to our rally behind the nightclub Blondies, next to Castings.

The EPA’s Petroleum Exclusion Does Not Apply

“Big Oil bought itself an exclusion” were the words Stephen Boyle used to describe a section at the back of the Tesoro Material Safety Sheet on Petroleum Coke. The clause in the document has led him on a quest for the truth that has taken a month or more to research, and he continues with more qualified researchers as DCATS swells in number and skill.

According to Title 40 CFR section 261.4.10 and 261.4.12(i)  “land storage of petcoke outside of the refinery is ILLEGAL and it is a K142 waste product requiring F037 waste handling.

Would someone please insist the state environmental groups and our city environmental engineering areas get to know the law as it is written? – referenced in this post…


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