The Anti-Black Geography of Revitalizing Detroit

An excellent article bringing together many facets of why talking up the “revitalization of Detroit” is eroding the culture of the city. There is a capitalist oriented push to profit on the poor and weakened city story, primarily being executed through gentrification.

I have written a few annotations to the article using Genius Beta –

One thought on “The Anti-Black Geography of Revitalizing Detroit

  1. I’m not buying into the cohesive effort of gentrification and profit taking upon the backs of poor black people in Detroit. The city has “other” problems regarding stuff like Single Moms with 5 kids who complain about watershutoffs. Where the hell is Personal-Responsibility in the City of Detroit. Where are all these fathers of the 60% of 700,000 single mother Households ? Far too many self-inflicted wounds to be blaming anything upon successful White Capatalistic businessmen.

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