Are 90% of black deaths really from Black On Black Crime?

When we read of statistics that use a label of unknown representing over 50% of the data then it becomes obvious that at some point the collecting information is flawed or that we’re focused on something that may not be significant. Why is the Justice Department not more competant with its data? Relying on outlying data sources can be problematic – especially when those sources include any amount of bias in reporting.

Negus Vu

Written by Negus Vu

There were 5,375 black deaths from murders last year according to The Justice Department. Only 46% of the homicides were recorded with offenders (2,491), 90% of the recorded data were black offenders. The rest of the 54% murders have unknown offenders.

The Justice Department statistics on justifiable homicides have been completely inaccurate for decades. Justice Department records all data of crime via its program called the Uniform Crime Report Progam (UCRP) created in 1929 assigned in charge were the FEDS. Last year 461 justifiable police killings were recorded last year by the Justice Department. That number is base off only justifiable homicides not inclusive of unjustifiable homicides. Which is still incomplete because since reporting police killings is volunteer and not mandated, police agency rarely submit information on police killings. United States has 17,975 police agency in the U.S only 780 participates in the UCR program in…

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