The Fight Is Where Love Is: Saying Goodbye to Lisa Leggio

A beautiful tribute to Lisa Leggio from MICATS – Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands. Enbridge Line 6B pipeline brings sour heavy crude from Whiting Indiana across southern Michigan. Over 1 million gallons of pipeline crude spilled into the Kalamazoo River from this failing pipeline. The blockade was to halt progress for a while and bring afternoon to the croplands of southern Michigan with pipelines running through them, also crossing waterways on its path. One of the destinations is Marathon Petroleum’s refinery in SW Detroit. Tars Sands Heavy Crude Oilneeds to be left in the soil, not extracted and burned.

Transformative Spaces

11069620_10204785696135705_790055269722076299_n Lisa and her son walk along Lake Michigan in the summer of 2014.

When something’s weighing on me, words are my steam valve, my shelter, my hiding place, and sometimes, my weapons — whatever’s called for, there’s a good chance I can bend and twist some words around and feel that I’ve at least expressed myself. Words have failed me lately, mostly because I want to speak to how wonderful my friend Lisa “Lala” Leggio, AKA Brooklyn, really was, and I keep coming up short. On the heels of Lisa being taken from us, I want to write a praisesong that will make the world stop and weep as much as her loved ones have. I want everyone capable of giving a damn to know that there was someone here on Earth, someone working and toiling among us, who had risked her life, her freedom and more, so that the…

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