Welcome to the WordPress.com presence for Fuzzytek Photography.


Stephen Boyle created Fuzzytek Photography, LLC in March 2005. As a sole proprietor company he handles all facets of business, which has extended from photography into various facets of the fashion industry, website development, and business consulting.

Search for Fuzzytek and you’ll find a presence on most platforms and strongly aligned with Detroit’s creative communities.

Limitations Surpassed

As a web developer advanced content makes its way into common content. This has created a need for presence outside what most ‘free’ platforms offer. Tools used for website development vary according to need. These are some of the content frameworks Fuzzytek develops sites with…

  • Blogger (Google blogging service)
  • Drupal (full featured OpenSource Content Management System)
  • Ning (simple user friendly limited CMS)
  • Tumblr (free social blogging site)
  • WordPress (both at WordPress.com and hosted)
  • and more

Please visit FUZZYTEK.COM to view links and content from various sites. On the site I have my rates, schedule, blog, and much more.

You’ll find that I’m adept at integrating content from your website, affiliated content sites, and placing content links into social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and G+. These past three references are linked to Fuzzytek presence.

Thank you for searching for Fuzzytek and I look forward to interacting with you.

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