The Fight Is Where Love Is: Saying Goodbye to Lisa Leggio

A beautiful tribute to Lisa Leggio from MICATS – Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands. Enbridge Line 6B pipeline brings sour heavy crude from Whiting Indiana across southern Michigan. Over 1 million gallons of pipeline crude spilled into the Kalamazoo River from this failing pipeline. The blockade was to halt progress for a while and bring afternoon to the croplands of southern Michigan with pipelines running through them, also crossing waterways on its path. One of the destinations is Marathon Petroleum’s refinery in SW Detroit. Tars Sands Heavy Crude Oilneeds to be left in the soil, not extracted and burned.

Transformative Spaces

11069620_10204785696135705_790055269722076299_n Lisa and her son walk along Lake Michigan in the summer of 2014.

When something’s weighing on me, words are my steam valve, my shelter, my hiding place, and sometimes, my weapons — whatever’s called for, there’s a good chance I can bend and twist some words around and feel that I’ve at least expressed myself. Words have failed me lately, mostly because I want to speak to how wonderful my friend Lisa “Lala” Leggio, AKA Brooklyn, really was, and I keep coming up short. On the heels of Lisa being taken from us, I want to write a praisesong that will make the world stop and weep as much as her loved ones have. I want everyone capable of giving a damn to know that there was someone here on Earth, someone working and toiling among us, who had risked her life, her freedom and more, so that the…

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Women Don’t Owe You Anything

This is so accurate…
“Women are not required to do anything because you like it. We do not have to be submissive. We don’t have to be “natural” or wear makeup for you. We don’t have to dress “revealing” or “conservative” for you. We do not have to lose weight or gain weight for you. We do not have to dumb ourselves down or be quiet because it makes you feel more confident. Women do not exist to make men happy. “

Unfriendly Black Writer

(If this offends you, it’s probably because you are guilty of these beliefs. Get over yourself and do better.)
Women are not here for your satisfaction, to make you feel like a “man”, or to turn you on. We should be able to reject a man without fearing for our lives. Stop invalidating our feelings by calling us crazy, bitchy, emotional, and overdramatic. Our emotions are just as valid as yours.

Women are allowed to call you out when you’re wrong .

We are allowed to not accept your apology.

We are allowed to break up with you.

We are allowed to not want your attention.

We are allowed to say no.

We are allowed to not smile at you or accept your “compliments”.

We are allowed to not want to be around you.

We are allowed to only want to be friends.
One of my friends always makes me…

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Detroit, Feb. 17: Immigrant Solidarity Protest against ICE Detention Center

The newly established Detroit Food Not Bombs group will be onsite caring for those at the event.

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Workers, documented and undocumented, unite! A general strike has been called for on February 17th 2017. Racist mass deportations have already begun in Detroit and throughout the country. Immigrants are being scapegoated and targeted by the Trump Administration and their reactionary supporters in order to divide the working class and distract us from identifying the real threat and our common enemy: Hate groups, U.S. imperialism, and the bosses. We will start by demonstrating at the main entrance of the ICE Detention & Deportation Center.

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It’s offensive if I’m offended

Great post from a friend. We are living in a time when courtesy has ducked out the door for too many. Too many young males brought up without a father figure, looking for guidance in the streets and finding it with street bullies. If they have a known father watching his behavior hitting on woman after woman, with a dozen offspring or more waiting to be claimed. We have as an electoral body representing the people put trump in office who is proud of pussy-grabbing and treating women as trophy objects polished up and put on display. Sorry but that is #NotMyPresident.

I’ve watched far too many grown boys (they aren’t really men by their actions) cat-calling women and openly being in their face. Confrontation is most often a negative word and you’re trying to make it work for you. If this sounds like your formula for picking up a woman – think about who responds. Those who have accepted being maligned and offended. There’s no wonder relationships pass like cars on a busy street when you have no love or respect for self or others.

We live in a commodity age as consumers. But people aren’t products to be bought, traded, sold, discarded, trashed. There is no rating system that applies to people because each has unique qualities and gifts they bring with them. Those gifts aren’t likely to be shared with the uninformed, stupefied masses watching TV and drinking Coke.

Brothers please get your life together. Dominance isn’t the way for living in cooperation with others. We have to stop bully behavior when its witnessed, and listen if someone calls you out as a bully. Learn to love and respect yourself – then maybe you can find an opening through that work to bring listening, love and respect for others into your life.



Yesterday I took a trip to my small local grocery store and got a call from my best friend about her amazing time at the Women’s march in DC. She was giddy with excitement and we shared about our hopes and ideas and experiences participating in the actions of the day. As I left the store, a man who was checking out looked up at me and said “You’re so cute, so beautiful, what’s your name?” I looked at him but made no reaction and continued my phone call. He followed me out of the store and repeated the same line. I turned and said “I’m on the phone” and he said- loudly- “Oh, she’s too loud though, that’s too bad.” I was livid. I was almost to my car at that point but I turned back and approached him and said loudly: “You are incredibly rude. You are being extremely offensive.”…

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