The Anti-Black Geography of Revitalizing Detroit

An excellent article bringing together many facets of why talking up the “revitalization of Detroit” is eroding the culture of the city. There is a capitalist oriented push to profit on the poor and weakened city story, primarily being executed through gentrification.

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Recommended: Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty, Paul C. Gorski

Following a suggestion from – I took a look through this blog and immediately found this book review post that has me very intrigued. Please read on and share.

radical eyes for equity

The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.”

Aldous Huxley, The Olive Tree (1936)

While working on a piece for The Conversation US rejecting the increased focus on teaching struggling students (mostly poor, black, Latino/a, special needs students as well as English language learners) “grit,” I came across yet another report on poor students disproportionately being assigned to inexperienced and un-/under-certified teachers (including Teach for America candidates) and the inequitable as well as negative consequences of underfunded and poorly maintained school facilities.

Children in the U.S. are increasingly the victims of inequitable social, economic, and educational circumstances not of their making, and mostly ignored by those with power in the country.

Too few educators and academics, I think, are enraged about that inequity; too few are moved to action even if they are enraged.

And that is a large…

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Tent city at Larned and Rivard to be shut down..

Detroit – our city leaders are exhibiting NO compassion for humanity. They are putting shiny consumer toys (the NAIAS) before caring for the homeless. The TENT CITY is being destroyed and the homeless whom have gathered to live better together, scattered as a result.

Burners Without Borders Detroit

how timely.. the NAIAS the Auto Show starts next week.. cant have homeless in a city with a homelessness issue when all eyes of the world will be on Detroit..its like when all the homeless where moved to the suburbs during the SuperBowl. 😦

Here is what Mayor Duggan told reporters, “At some point we will enforce the law. You can’t stay in a park after 10 p.m. You can’t have an open fire and you can’t pitch a tent. One way or another, we are going to get them to move.”
Mike Duggan
(313) 224-3400
City Council
(313) 224-3443

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Opposing SB 0295 (2014) – Blocking Homeowners from Foreclosure Auctions

I’ve read the analysis of this bill stating it would:

“Require prospective bidders to certify that they did not own property that was subject to a foreclosure judgment in the previous three tax years, or that had been included in a foreclosure petition in the tax year in which the sale was held.”

This would ensure that any family that has found hard times keeping their generational home out of foreclosure would be BLOCKED from making a bid to purchase their home from auction. This provision is without compassion and rules out persons whom have great interest in holding onto the property, even through the financial hardships endured. An auction of a place you call home is not likely to be desired by anyone, to be ruled out of participating simply appears that lawmakers are cramming injustice through the law being passed.

In short this bill would effectively criminalize those whom own the foreclosed property and remove their rights to purchase the property. This appears to be how lawmakers are addressing the concern of blighted property (which is property which has deteriorated without maintenance and possibly became a target of scrapping). The efforts by property owners to prevent scrapping can be tireless work. Scrappers will trespass at any time of day or night and sometimes carry advanced equipment to assist in removing objects they believe of value to the property. This can and frequently includes critical support systems such as plumbing, electric, heat, lighting, and more.

If a provision for this bill was to enable resident occupants that would help those in the most need greatly. Properties in the hands of property management firms and landlords whom live more than 20 miles from the property are the most appropriate target of restricting from auction. These absent owners are the biggest liability to the recovery of the city.

We need a Detroit that is LIVED IN, not SPECULATED UPON

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